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Spencer’s Spectacular Birthday Party!

TODAY is Spencer Grace Kelly’s birthday! And to celebrate the anniversary of everyone’s fav GoldenGirl, she’s hosting a special contest for all her friendlies over at her blog, All That Glitters, this week.

Craft your own six-word memoir and post it in the comments section to her post by midnight EDT on Wed, 3/25. She and her BFFs will choose their favorite and award the winner a prezzie.

Good luck!

Gag Reel & Oscars Update!

The Bradford Blog Bash may be over, but we’re still having fun over here at the Bradford Novels Blog!

The Bradford author video we posted last week seemed so professional and effortless, didn’t it? Well, today we’ve got a HILARIOUS gag reel from it that proves it’s a lot harder being an author than it looks. (And you didn’t even have to buy the DVD to get it!)

Party Favors!!!

The Bradford Blog Bash is winding down, but this week is packed with soooo much Bradfordly goodness…I just can’t contain my excitement. Here are some of the highlights:

  • NOW YOU SEE HER. Our fav author, Micol, has created a special vid that explains that interactive collection of web stuffs we like to call the Bradverse. She’s super cute in it—especially right after the first cutaway—AND she manages to do a great job of explaining just what all this crazy internet stuff is all about. Let us know what you think, and spread it around! (It’s also available on the FlirtyGirlBooks YouTube channel, if you have trouble embedding it from Vimeo.)