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What’s a Book Studio?

According to our website, FlirtyGirl Productions is “an innovative book studio.” But you may be asking yourself, “What exactly does that MEAN?”

A studio is a place where an artist, photographer, or other creative person works. Essentially, it’s a place that fosters imaginative thought. And that’s what we like to do—be imaginative, be experimental, be resourceful, be ingenious.

It all starts with book ideas. We generate A LOT of them in our studio. When one really catches our fancy, we work with an author to develop it into a full-blown proposal and outline. Meanwhile, we brainstorm until we’ve figured out the best way to make the characters and content jump off the page—creating associated websites, streaming videos, online character interaction, and other super-secret added features we’re not prepared to share with you just yet.

“Bitch Lit” Is Where It’s At!

So FlirtyGirl Liz and I have been talking about all these new companies who are trying to do books with interactive components. It’s great to see the genre—maybe it needs a name of its own?—start to come of age. These other companies are doing books that focus on fantasy or mystery or I don’t even know what…and someday you might see the FlirtyGirls take a stab at those areas, too.

But right now at FlirtyGirl Productions we understand that “Bitch Lit” is where it’s at!

Here’s why: