Countdown to FASHIONISTA!

If you didn’t get enough of Bradford’s resident fashionista in GoldenGirl, never fear! Madison’s story (and scandals) are featured in the second Bradford novel, Fashionista, coming to bookstores on August 25, 2009.
I know, I know. That sounds like a long time before you’ll be able to get your Mads fix. But just remember two things:
1) You can count the days until Fashionista hits stores with this loverly countdown widget. Share it! Embed it on your blog! Watch the seconds/minutes/hours/days click away!

Spencer’s Spectacular Birthday Party!

TODAY is Spencer Grace Kelly’s birthday! And to celebrate the anniversary of everyone’s fav GoldenGirl, she’s hosting a special contest for all her friendlies over at her blog, All That Glitters, this week.

Craft your own six-word memoir and post it in the comments section to her post by midnight EDT on Wed, 3/25. She and her BFFs will choose their favorite and award the winner a prezzie.

Good luck!

What’s a Book Studio?

According to our website, FlirtyGirl Productions is “an innovative book studio.” But you may be asking yourself, “What exactly does that MEAN?”

A studio is a place where an artist, photographer, or other creative person works. Essentially, it’s a place that fosters imaginative thought. And that’s what we like to do—be imaginative, be experimental, be resourceful, be ingenious.

It all starts with book ideas. We generate A LOT of them in our studio. When one really catches our fancy, we work with an author to develop it into a full-blown proposal and outline. Meanwhile, we brainstorm until we’ve figured out the best way to make the characters and content jump off the page—creating associated websites, streaming videos, online character interaction, and other super-secret added features we’re not prepared to share with you just yet.